Ross Daly, undoubtedly one of the best known and respected artists on the international World music scene is touring Australia with his quartet between 1stand 13th of March. His quartet comprises master Cretan lyra player Kelly Thoma, one of Australia's foremost percussionists specialising in ceramic darbuka and frame drums Matt Stonehouse and multi-instrumentalist Paddy Montgomery who has mastered the Turkish oud and baglama family and Cretan Laouto. The music played by these artists however does not actually belong to any single tradition, rather it draws its inspiration from a wide variety of ancient and timeless traditions deriving from the broader world of modal music. These elements are incorporated into a new genre which Ross Daly refers to as Contemporary Modal Music. This genre however has very little to do with what we have usually come to associate with contemporary music, in fact its sound seems to step outside of time oscillating between something that might have been played several thousand years ago or sometime in the distant future.