the golden rules




Be Kind

The Glittering Goldfields Queer Formal is a place where everyone belongs - including you! Being kind to others is what we’re all about. Any form of bullying or discrimination will not be accepted. This includes homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, racism and just being mean in general.

Get Consent

Make sure you ask permission before you touch or get close to someone else. Never pressure someone to talk or dance with you, and respect other people’s space.

We are Gender Neutral

The toilets will be gender neutral and there is no right or wrong way to dress (as long as you have a top on). Be respectful of other people's pronouns and use “they/them” if you're unsure.

No Drugs, Smoking or Alcohol

The formal is a drug free, alcohol free and smoke free event.

Your Photo Might Be Taken

We post to our own social media pages and try to avoid crowd shots. If you'd rather not be in photos - let the photographer know.

Be Nice

If you aren't playing nice or you're ruining someone else's time, we’ll probably just ask you to leave. You’ll need to have a meeting with our team if you want to come back. Simple as that!


Have a question? See something not quite right?

Chat to one of the Goldfields Guardians or Staff on the night






Age Limit This event is strictly for people aged 12 – 20 years old. If you are 21 or over you must seek pre authorisation before entering our events. Personal carers welcome.

Bag Searches All bags will be searched, and must be cloaked if a cloakroom is available.

Banned Items This is a drug, alcohol and smoke free event. Any drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, weapons or other items that could cause harm to yourself or another will be confiscated.

Passouts No passouts are available - once you leave you cannot re-enter. Sorry!

Cloak Room When cloak room is available we’ll do our best to take care of your items, but we take no responsibility for lost or stolen items. Cloak at your own risk.

Dress Code We love diverse and fabulous outfits! We ask that you don’t wear something that is homophobic, transphobic or racist - and that at minimum you keep shorts on and cover your chest.

Video and Photos will be taken at this event and posted to social media and the Theatre Royal website and marketing. By entering this event you agree to have your photo published. It is up to you to alert the photographer if you do not want to appear in photos / videos. And we’re happy to take them offline if one slips through or you change your mind later. You can do this by emailing

Respect Others Behaviour that negatively impacts other people’s good time will not be tolerated, including but not limited to homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, sexism, racism. sexual harassment, threats of or actual violence, abusive language, bullying, stalking, manipulation, willful exclusion and/or theft.

Breaking the Rules If you break these rules you may receive a verbal warning, and then be asked to leave. Being asked to leave an event means you won’t be welcome at future events until you have a meeting with our team and a commitment from you to not be awful.

Being Asked to Leave the Theatre Royal reserve the right to exclude you from this event and any future events if we believe you are causing the safety of yourself or others to be compromised.